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Product Type:GB-420B
Product Name:Automatic punching machine
Product Type:Automatic punching machine
GB-420B automatic punching machine is a paper cardboard punching special equipment, mainly used for calendars, calendar, notebook in this book, exercise books, gray cardboard, PP binding with blanking plates, etc., can not be used for metal and other Items punching.

The machine uses stepper drive on paper, adjustable thickness, gripper head after taking lessons cardboard paper and nozzle through the conveyor belt into the punching die, then three sides and adjust the paper alignment after punching, punching after the end of the paper automatically enter income in accordance with the order paper, paper size and margins can be adjusted by replacing the punching die can punching holes of various shapes.

The main technical parameters

Max.Punching size for cover

Min.Punching size for cover

Max. Punching range for inner-sheetPP Plate

Min. Punching range for inner-sheetPP Plate

Max.Punching thickness

Max.Paper stack height

Max.Working speed (inner sheet)

Max.Working speed (cover)

Paper Specification


Machine Dimension (Length x Width x Height)

Machine Weight

Air Compressor (Excluded)

Air Compressed

285 x 285mm

148 x 120mm

420 x 420mm

120 x 120mm



4800-7200/小日寸 Times / Hour 1800-6000/小时 Times / Hour


AC380V/3ph/50Hz/3kw 2200 x 1000 x 1300mm






Note: No requirement of blowing assist for papers under 150g/m2